New release of deadlock detection tools

We've released new versions of both LID and LIA today. These releases include many changes that we've been testing with customers over the last couple of months and mainly deal with fixing hangs during the shutdown of managed applications when they are run under the tools and performance improvements when running on target processes which use a large number of locks and create a large number of lock acquisition sequences.

In addition we've fixed some bugs with TryEnterCriticalSection() where we were incorrectly reporting lock inversions when a call to TryEnterCriticalSection() returned FALSE and added a few extra command line switches so that you can show progress during lock inversion detection after the target process completes.

You can download the latest version of LID from here and all customers are being contacted via email with details of how to download the latest release of LIA.

Do continue to get in touch with comments and suggestions and any problems that you have.

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