New release of deadlock detection tools -

We've released new versions of both our Lock Inversion Detector, LID and our Lock Inversion Analyser, LIA today.

This release is a simple bug fix release which fixes a problem where we could incorrectly treat two critical sections or SRW locks which happened to be created at the same memory address as the same lock for inversion tracking purposes. This could happen if a lock is created in dynamic memory, used and then cleaned up and then the memory is reused in such a way that a new lock is created with the same memory address for its CRITICAL_SECTION or SRWLOCK data. In such cases we would treat the two locks as the same lock when looking for lock inversions and this could cause us to report spurious inversions in some situations.

All customers are being contacted via email with details of how to obtain the latest release of LIA and you can download the latest version of LID from here (if you've already registered for the updates mailing list then simply reply to the email notification and we'll send you the latest version).

Do continue to get in touch with comments and suggestions and any problems that you have.

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